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Memoirs is a long-term, yet unfinished project, though only a few details are missing to complete it. The text includes recollections of: childhood; adolescence (when the author became closely identified with the 1968 students’ movement in Mexico); running away from home; and separation from a close friend who because of his poor family background, ends up attending Lumumba Medical School in Moscow, on a scholarship.


The electronic document also recounts an eye-opening process of living in and becoming familiar with the foreign and, at times violent, United States society.


Vista previa de la imagen
The Wall, NOT just on the border: US Embassy in Mexico City (right)

The bulk of the text relates his 28-year employment with the American Embassy in Mexico City in the area of Security, including his association with sadly memorable law enforcement authorities as they repressed and intimidated innocent civilians. Whose officers, on behalf of a wrong concept of democracy, executed many of the same with impunity, recounting a so-called “dark history” that only recently has come to light. Parts of this story allow the reader to sample the sometimes incredible moments of Mexico-U.S. law enforcement cooperation, including the murder of DEA agent Enrique “Kike” Camarena.

The writer describes how his own government -at that time- had the author of these memoirs kidnapped, tortured, and his family persecuted to ensure he would stay away from the Mexican authorities’ profitable involvement in criminal activity.

After the satisfactory completion of his assignment, retiring from the U.S. Embassy, having overcome many obstacles (among these, belonging to the Foreign Service National -FSN- class within the system), the author details the process that brings him to the present (2007), as well as his permanent struggle to impress upon authorities the importance of Public Safety, combining it with the Culture of Crime Prevention.

The author argues that the system fosters cronyism, which is an old political tradition that continues to seriously affect Mexican society.  

Memoirs also examines the phenomenon of kidnapping in Mexico, a criminal activity practically non-existent 20 years ago, and its relationship to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). While NAFTA has been of great benefit to the economy of the three nations that created it, the agreement had negative consequences as well. The author argues that one of these negative consequences is the greed that foreign security companies have introduced into Mexican culture as evidenced in security company executives making immense amounts of money –in US dollars- while paying peanuts to their guards and drivers. Their employees master every trick there is to learn in such firms, transforming the security companies into schools for kidnappers.

The conclusion of Memoirs will describe the author’s three month experience with the United Nations, an experience which allowed him to assess the many problems that exist within its structure, as recently observed in the world political arena with the War in Iraq. Relevant members of the International Community, a selected group of the Media who have had access to Memoirs believe this will be a great contribution to the peoples of the United States and Mexico to know the Truth.

Memoirs has been divided in the following parts:


My Family - 3

My Parents - 5

My Childhood - 9

Time to go to School / Growing Up - 15

The Students’ Movement - 36

Running Away from Home - 41

United States of America - 42

Moving Back to Mexico - 73

Uncle Sam and I - 77

Happiness is being an “FSN” - 84

Cupid Comes to Town - 94

My First Date - 96

Looking for a Better Future... Diplomatic Security Service - 100

Learning the Hard Way - 107A

Thief… In my Own House?? - 117

The Rookie - 119A

Rocky Relationship with… DFS - 143

My First Relevant Assignment - 160

The Privilege of Being Declared Persona Non-Grata by DFS - 165

The Lesson was.. Learned - 173

September 19, 1985 - and the Ground is Shaking - 179

Mexico... Free from Acts of Terrorism? - 191

Experience Sharing with my Colleagues - 218

Presidential Visits - 227

The Beginning of a Long, Complicated End - 253

Starting a New Life and Picking up the Pieces - 282

Currently, Memoirs consists of 285 single-spaced pages. While the text is written in English, the author’s native language is Spanish. Partial translation to this language has begun by the Author. However, due to many distractions –work contracts, writing a monthly column, etc. – this entire project is momentarily stalled.  Memoirs requires editing, legal advise to have the Author’s rights registered, prevent possible suits, most importantly: financing.

If interested in more information please provide information about the company you represent, prepare a brief letter of introduction and write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (55) 5574-5228, (55) 5436-5137.

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