Security Corner is an Independent Information resource on the Internet. It originated in 2002 as an experiment and has grown to where today it is - the most visited web site specializing in the subjects of Public Security and Crime Prevention. It has had more than 4.5 million visitors through the more than half-dozen prestigious media that publish Security Corner articles adapted for each magazine, newspaper, or international organization. It is important to emphasize that from its creation, Security Corner is not a company, nor do we sell anything. Likewise, we do not have any political or commercial interests. This is the same program for which the creator was responsible for the last 46 years (as of 2019) for diplomats -- now available, without condition, to anyone interested in the subject of personal protection and in news of Mexico from a global perspective.



O U R   A L T R U I S T I C   F U N C T I O N 


Should you ever be arrested -whatever the reason: automobile accident, labor disputes, traffic violations, you name it, most Embassies will simply provide a list of lawyers they are not resposible for, oh yes! diplomats will offer to assist your relatives in wiring you money, comfort you by offering English-language magazines, wish you .. Good Luck


In any interaction with the criminal justice system, you should obtain qualified legal advice, but there are often problems in addition to legal issues.  Security Corner, with its highly qualified team, has a HANDS-ON-APPROACH proven in over more than 7 years of providing an unparalelled non-profit service that has helped more Americans, Brits and Canadians than any other approach.  When possible, we've served as channel of communication between authorities and victims of crime, at no cost. In some critical cases, such as kidnapping, we've offered valuable assistance and support.


Security Corner in Mexico President is a volunteer in this program

Generously spending his time to help others





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Arising from serious governmental corruption problems, as much in the US Government as the Mexican government, Mr. Mario González-Roman has personally been a victim of kidnapping and torture and his family persecuted.


One of Security Corner’s advantages is its great margin of CREDIBILITY. It has no equals. He offers his personal experience online, which inspires virtual visitors to seek consultation, with no charge.


On several occasions he has had fortunate outcomes when guiding and supporting kidnapping victims. A recent specific case was a girl of 13 years of age, in a Mexican city, in which a very heavy ransom was demanded. Her grandfather, from Paris, France, wrote to request assistance. The minor was released safe and sound.  This is one of several cases in which we have been able to serve the public during the last 7 years. Security Corner represents an altruistic service without conditions. We only ask a written request for assistance and, depending on the case, we are able to help, always involving the police authorities of Mexico.





We have an excellent work team formed as a result of former institutional connections of Mr. González-Roman with the Government of Mexico and private industry. They have been collaborating to give an incomparable image to the pages of Security Corner, without receiving any economic compensation.


These are volunteers who provide their time, experience, anonymously. Among these, we have a doctor in psychiatry with specialty in criminology, ex- academic of Harvard University. In addition, outstanding members of the Mexican Foreign Service. Also, a lawyer, former and currently active law-enforcers, a psychotherapist with a specialty in children and family unity & psychologists with specialty in graphology, experts in military security training, a specialist in economic geography in the process of obtaining a doctorate, and countless other allies who try to give us the best, most up-to-date information to satisfy our growing readership.





The President of SecurityCornerMexico.com is Mario González-Roman, who on February 5, 2020 in a special ceremony held at the Zona Rosa's Hotel Holiday Inn in Mexico City received, on behalf of the Mexican Senate and Chamber of Deputies the distinction of Doctor Honoris Causa and the title International Ambassador of Mexico for the World of Knowledge.


He worked from April 2, 1973 to August 10, 2001, worked in the U.S. Embassy in Mexico. He is now retired from the U.S. Civil Service. He was awarded four honorary recognitions by the Department of State and his responsibility included serving as liaison between the Secret Service and the Presidential staff during the visits of U.S. Presidents and Secretaries of State to Mexico.


Through the Diplomatic Security Service, with the support of the Mexican authorities, he was responsible for the official protection of the personnel and facilities that included the Chancery, 20 Consular agencies, 9 Consulates and 10 Consular Agencies throughout the Mexican Republic.


He has served as an Adviser to the United Nations - UNSECOORD- and was the creator of the Culture of Prevention and Safe Travel, through his web site, in 2002. He has broad experience serving as a connection between police departments in Mexico and the U.S., with responsibility for developing strategies and for analysis of  information about hostile activities threatening national interests. Mr. González-Roman has an Associate degree in Sciences from Compton Junior College in the Los Angeles area, California. A summary of his professional career, including a large gallery of photos with Presidents of the United States, is available in PRESIDENTIAL GALLERY.


Please visit above page to learn all details about his 46-year experience in the areas of Public Safety, Crime Prevention and Personal Protection. We exercise our freedom of speech and write about the subjects that we choose, without any form of pressure or influence by anyone. In our quest to help the Expatriate community in Mexico we have created this new website, a 100 % Community Service. Many of our more than 30 articles online are edited by our readers. The whole program has been financed completely by U. S. taxpayers money received from U. S. Civil Service in the form of Mr. Gonzàlez-Romàn's pension.



C O N T A C T 


SecurityCornerMexico contact information: Phone & Fax (01152-55) 5574-5228, cell (same digits if calling from the States, local callers add 044-55) 5436-5137, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





These are his son, Antonio González Peña, PhD in the area of Development of Human Genome. He received his doctorate degree in University of Colorado at Boulder, where he currently works as a Teacher. At the same time in California State in San Diego. He is a former full-time instructor in the University Iberoamericana, Santa Fe, Mexico City, in the School of Electronics and Communications Engineering. Also on the webmaster team is his wife, Ing. Lucia Cázares Gómez, who works for the oil company Schlumberger Co. in the U.S. They are both originally from the D. F.





Security Corner in Mexico's Business Adviser


By Maria Guadalupe Vera Bobadilla, Security Corner in Mexico's Business Adviser 





P R O F E S S I O N A L background, August 29, 2013 to Date: Entrepeneur in Beijing, China and Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from University Of Science & Technology Beijing: Master's In International Business; 2009 - August 29:Price Waterhouse Coopers, Mexico City, position: Senior Consultant, specializing in Advisory Services to Middle Market and Family Business. As consultant, bring services of revenue assurance, corporate government, business plan, succession plans, financial projections, institutionalization of family business, etc. in different industries. A C A D E M I C background, 2012-2013: Centro Netec, SQL Server 2012; 2010: Price Waterhouse Coopers: Strategic Planning;2009: Bolsa Mexicana de Valores: Legal aspects of the Trust; 2004–2008Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Public Accountant. Graduated with Gabriel Mancera's Outstanding Academic Performance. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ms. Vera is a former tenant in Minatitlán 12, Roma Sur  a not for profit altruistic program supporting gender causes recommended by prestigious universities. Lodging is exclusive for women working professionals, female postgraduate students.




Elizabeth Natalie Hurtado Garcia


Graduated with the thesis “The use of strategies of link up in between school and family to favor the Self esteem of Children” by Normal Justo Sierra in 2003.


Postgraduate in Communication in Business by Harvard University 2004 


Diploma in Competency Based Education by Universidad Anahuac 2007 


Experience working with Multicultural/ Multilingual families, living abroad and having the opportunity to connect with different cultures.


A writer of “6 gifts for my friends around the world” and “colors” you can check her writing project here:  


Writer, Composer, Novelist & Screenwriter
received 2405411089716879
Edith Cervantes.

Edith is Doctor Honoris Causa. In addition, writer, composer, novelist and screenwriter.
Writer with an outstanding career in published titles such as: La trilogía de La Woman of Storms Part I and 2. Purple Nights, The Swamp Nymphs, Essence, consequence belief, An Entity Called Fear, among others. Doctor Honoris Causa and Member of the National Legion of Honor, Member of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico, awarded by the GLOBAL QUALITY FOUNDATION: Global Quality Award Elite Award in the category: “Woman inspiring of the XXI century ”, Academic and member of the Mexican Society of Geography & Statistics.She has a large number of awards for her career, as a pioneer in the magic realism genre in our country, best contemporary writer among others. Activist and defender of women's rights. Cel: 2294380575 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Medical Advisor & Prolific Writer
Dr. José Rafael Castillo Quezada, MD & Writer

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE IN HEALTH AREA - Graduated from UNAM, as a Medical Doctor. Social Service at the Lázaro Cárdenas Iron and Steel Company. Family Doctor Specialist. First assignment as an MD in H.G.S.Z.C.M.F. 03 in Chilpancingo, Gro. since 1987, where he provided his professional services. Former Director of the Hospital General de la SSA en Ometepec, Gro.. for two and a half years. He returns to the IMSS of Chilpancingo as a Family Doctor. He occupies the position of Head of the Clinical Department. For 8 months he is the Manager of the Directorate General of this clinic. He retires in March, 2014. PROLIFIC WRITER - The poets Rubén Mora Gutiérrez and Juan García Jiménez exert great influence on the literary aspect of Dr. Castillo. Since his adolescence, he wrote some quartets on various topics. In Chilpancingo begins the elaboration of literary skulls. Obtains outstanding awards. Among others, the publication of some of them on the Costa Chica page, in the Novedades de Acapulco newspaper, El Sol de Acapulco in November 2015. He is invited to the Writers Meeting of Iguala, Gro. in 2015.
He participated in Chilpancingo's 2016 Autumn Festival, in La Feria del Mezcal y del Pozole 2016 He participated in Mexico City, with his verses in the 2018 Summit in Chilpancingo, Gro. Participated in Mexico City in  Muestra Gastronómica del Estado de Guerrero en la Plaza Loreto within the Así es Guerrero” in July 2017“. The director of the Oaxaca, Fiesta, Culture and Tradition Group, Alberto Sánchez Vasquez invites him to present  “Costeñadas y Costeñadas en versoin Chilpancingo, Chilapa, Acapulco, Gro. and Mérida, Yuc. It is in the final stage of his institutional life when he writes COSTEÑADAS ....
"In 132 pages, Dr. José Rafael Castillo Quezada rescues and helps preserve the language that characterizes the people of Guerrero, especially on the Costa Chica; with anecdotes, he recalls some experiences from his childhood in the city of Ometepec, where the night of Last Friday he presented the book entitled "Costeñadas".
(La Jornada, Guerrero. May 30, 2015 "book of coastal anecdotes, characterized by being written in the language of the coast which has been sold out in its first edition and “COSTEÑADAS EN VERSO.
The Books: COSTEÑADAS and COSTEÑADAS EN VERSE, they aim to: 
a) .- Encourage the use of coastal language
b) .- Publicize our coastal language
c) .- Arouse the interest of new generations in the meaning of each word
d) .- Do not lose the coastal identity 
The book "COSTEÑADAS, has been presented in various settings such as: José Juárez Museum of the UAGro, in Chilpancingo. At the IMSS Social Security Center, Acapulco Social Security Center, Old Anáhuac School in Chilpancingo, With the group "Oaxaca, Tradition Fiesta and Culture" in Chilapa, Gro. In the city of Córdoba Ver., in the Representative Office of the Government of the State of Guerrero in Mexico City, in the multipurpose loungeof the H. Municipal Council of Ometepec, Gro., in the IMSS de Chilpancingo, In interview of the SOBREMESA TV Program in Chilpancingo, El Fuerte de San Diego, in the TV Program TV Acapulco de mis Amores"Así Somos" with Tico Mendoza, and the Parque Santa Ana in Mérida, Yuc., the Radio UAGro, in Chilpancingo, (noticieros 03),  “La Taberna with Delfino Ambrocio Montalván, Sobremesa and Conservando Guerrero.

Lic. Silvia Trejo Trujillo, CEO
Concepción Béistegui 406, Col. Del Valle, CP 03100, CDM
Tel. Oficina: 5541179924
Celular: 5541179924
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Federal Highway Police Commander in retirement with 37 years of continued service. 7 years assigned to Estado Mayor Presidencial (Presidential Military Guard) Instructor in PFC Academy specializing in these subjects: Public Safety, Police Tactics & Strategy, Ethics, Human Rights, Training in Police Shooting. Cel. 477 27 27 609 || 477 27 27 609 / 477 250 92 25 || 477 250 92 25 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Lic. Jorge Cacho Lopez, Master's degree in Criminal Law & Penal Process, Gerona, University, Spain; Attorney at Law, Penal Sciences, National Institute of Penal Sciences (PGR). Graduated as Lawyer in 1976, Puebla State University, Puebla. Past professional experience: 1976 Mexico's Office of the President, National Palace, Mexico City, 1977-1980 & 1980-1982 Mexican Navy, Legal Department; 1982-1984 Mexican Secretariat of Communications and Transport; 1984-1985 Federal District Attorney (Procuraduría General de la República), 1985-1986 Federal District Attorney assigned to Oaxaca, Oax.; 1987-1990 Department Chief, CONASUPO in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, 1991-1992 Prosecutor, Mexico City's District Attorney Office; 1992 Sexual Crimes Fiscal, Mexico City's Attorney General'sd Office (PGJCDMX); 1993 Judicial Processes, Federal Attorney General's Office in Tijuana, BC; 1994-1995 Chief of Investigations, Mexico City's16th District Attorney's Office in San Juan de Aragon; 1995 Coordinator of Investigative Agencies Assigned to La Villa & Magdalena de las Salinas Hospitals; 1996-1997 Federal District Attorney's Office (PGR) assigned to the 7th Court; 1998 Federal District Attorney Assigned to Chihuahua State; 1999-2000 Director, Police Academy, Ecatepec Municipality, State of Mexico; 2001-2005 Federal Public Defender in Sonoyta, Sonora, Federal District Attorney's Office (PGR); September 2012 to Date: Supervisor for the Mexico City Coordination of Public Safety and Attorney General's Office GAM-3, CUH-7, CUH-4, VC-5 & COY-2 in these political delegations: Gustavo A. madero, Cuauhtémoc, Venustiano Carranza & Coyoacan.


Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. CEL 5510132893



Graphology & Criminal Profile Analyst



VIDEO CNN on: Graphology


Roberto Espinosa Villagrán: Bachelor degree in Psychology (Certified in Graphology in Madrid España), President of the Mexican Society of Scientific Graphology (SOMEGRAF), CEO of GIVI, a Human Resources Company, Speaker at various forums, internationally and in  Mexico, especially in private universities such asUNITEC, IPN, ISEC, UVM, ILB, UT, UTN, etc.), Graphology and Criminal Profile Advisor in Mexico’s National Security Agencies and in several corporations in Mexico and abroad, author of Book Graphology and Criminal Profile, which will be published in January 2011. Employment History: GIVI SERVICES S.A. DE C.V.General Director. 2004 – Date SHERWIN WILLIAMS DE MEXICO S.A. DE C.V.  (Sherwin Williams Inc.) Human Resources Manager. PANASONIC DE MÉXICO S.A. DE C.V. (Matsushita Electric Group)  Human Resources Chief MULTIPACK  S.A. DE  C. V Corporate Coordinator for the Human Resources Department.. Contact information: Tel. (55) 2587-0362 || (55) 2587-0362 . Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 





REGINA PEDRAZZI COSIO, Advisor on Human Rights


EDUCATION: UNAM, Law School; EMPLOYMENT: October 1, 2010- Date Tiffany & Co., México; S.A. de C.V.; Jan. 2003- Jan. 2010: Chamber of Deputies, Advisor  to the Finance and Administrative Secretary; 2001 -2003; Federal Secretariat of Public Safety (SSP), Deputy Director for International Relations; Special Advisor on Human Rights; 1996 – 2000: Mexico City Attorney General’s Office: Deputy Director for Crime Victims’ Assistance, Coyoacán County; 1992 -1996 Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (PGJDF); Deputy Director for Crime Victims’ Assistance, Office Specialized in Attention to Tourists. 1991-1992 Chiapas State Government, Chief, Public Relations, Economic Development





Leidy Constanza Montoya Patiño


Psychologist, Specialist in Educational Sexology, Specialist in Sensitization and Management of Groups and Master's in Clinical Sexology. WORK EXPERIENCE: Coordinator of the sexuality program, Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), Cuajimalpa; Sex Therapist Boston Medical Group; Mentor of Fundación México Vivo. Co-founder Red de Sexólogxs Mx. Facilitator in sexuality workshops and prevention of sexual abuse for adolescents, schoolchildren, preschools, parents and teachers in various public and private educational institutions from 2012 to date. Psychological and sexual individual and couple therapy, Independent Clinic from 2010 to date. Psychologist of the Public Health Plan: Implementation Project of the Mental Health Policy and Reduction of the Impact on Health of Intrafamily Violence and the Consumption of Psychoactive Substances, (2008 to 2009). Lebanon Tolima, Colombia. TEACHING: Professor in the Nursing Assistant and Auxiliary Public Health programs. (2008 to 2009). PROFESSIONAL: Specialized Training Center for Productivity and Labor Competitiveness Líbano Tolima, Colombia. Psychologist of intervention in crisis, adviser of school of parents and coordinator for sensibilization & administration of conciliation (2006). Zonal Center the Gaitana. Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF) Neiva Huila, Colombia

Conductor of the channel
 thumbnail pastedImagebase640
"From the Saying to Sex" of Youtube (from 2014 to the present). Frequent participation in different Radio and Television programs such as: "Sale el Sol" by Grupo Imagen, "Ponte Fit" Televisa, "Sex, love and cachondeo" TV Azteca program, "TU CIUDAD ES" by Canal Capital 21, Reactor 105.7 FM , Radio ABC News, "En Buena Onda" W Radio, "Tropicalísima" 1350 AM. Holder of the "Del dicho al Sexo" program on Adrenalina Radio and Television on the internet every Tuesday at 7:00 pm (from 2016 to Nov 2018). Writer in Sexólogxs Magazine Mx y Generación X (2017-2018) Driver "SIMICHAT" Live Internet Television, author column "LET'S TALK ABOUT SEXUALITY" from the SIMINFORMA newspaper of Farmacias Similares. (February to December 2014). Quoted in various articles of the REFORMA Newspaper (2013-2014) Cel. 5529618174. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Twitter: @sexologa_leidy Instagram: @sexologa_leidy

Ana Graciela Campos Campos, Psychotherapist. Specialty: Treatment of Traumatized Children

Kidnapping Express:





P R O F E S S I O N A L background, From 2009 to Date Assists in fund-collection and psychological attention to indigenous communities associated with Kalli-timochiasque "Casa de la esperanza" in the mountainous area of the State of Puebla (Sierra Norte). To date is the Principal of an Academic Institution located in Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City, owned by Grupo Salinas. From 2009 to 2012 Technical Director and Elementary School Teacher in the Centro Comunitario Acércate.


Among other responsibilities creating programs, establishing the philosophy of the center and serving as point of contact with the Mexican Education Secretariat (SEP); 1989 -2009: Psychological Support Center, Educational Development, Mexico City, position: Psychotherapist, specializing in children in dysfunctional families. As professor, develop systems for the implementation of psychological and corporate programs. 2002-2006 Televisa network, Código Fama, Psychologist. 1997-1998 J. Walter Thomson: in charge of project Kidsite, currently operated by an advertising company. Position: Psychologist. 1998Instituto Dauber, Spanish as a Second Language. Position: Professor, Banking area. 1983-1988 Tomas Moro Educational Community, Position: Elementary School Teacher, Professional Development Tutor. 1979-1983: Insttituto Pedagógico Anglo Españo: Elementary School Professor. A C A D E M I C background, 2003-2007: Organización del Bachillerato Internacional América: Teaching for Understanding; 2006 Harvard University Graduate School of Education,2005 Dr. Becky Bailey Creating Problem Solving Classrooms Where Teachers Take Back Their Power. 2004-2006Universidad Iberoamericana: Methodology, Teaching History: 2006 Universidad Panamericana, Construction of Learning Environment, Special Advanced Course; 2002Sylvia C. Chard, PhD, Enganging Children’s Minds: The Project Approach; 2002-2003 Humanist Musictherapy Institute; 1985–1990 Universidad de las Americas, Licensed in Psychology as Social Conduct. EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Cell  (044) 5543380909



Political Analyst  & Liaison with Mexican Government


LIC. JUAN ERNESTO MADERA PRIETO is a former Senator, Federal Congressman and Political Representative from Chihuahua State, his place of birth. Juan has a Master's  degree in Public Administration. In addition, he is a lawyer graduated from Mexico's National Autonomous University (UNAM), with postgraduate specialization in International Relations & Sociology.


He is fluent in Tarahumara, Spanish (both his native tongues) English, French and Italian. In the past he has held important positions in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, as President, Consular and Diplomatic Affairs, headed the departments of International Trade, Improvement of Rural Communities, Secretary of Industrial Development, Tourism, Population and Migration. In his long political has assisted Mexican Deputies, Senators and Governors, many luminaries in politics within the PRI, accomplish goals on behalf of Mexico.


Currently, Lic. Madera is an active member of Mexico's National College of Social and Political Sciences, National Political Institute of Public Administrators, National Federation of Lawyer's Colleges and Boards, Coalition to Defend the Rights of Mexicans Residing Abroad and National Forum of Legislators.


Juan Ernesto is author of three books: “Prisma Político”. La reorganización del PRI (1984); “Jornada Blanca”. La Lección de la Elección (1990); and “Los Convidados de Piedra”. Mexico's political transition (published by the media). In addition, he has directed TV programs specialized in political journalism. Has served as editor and collaborator in several newspapers of national distribution and magazines. Has served as a speaker for many organizations and universities in Mexico and the USA. He has been distinguished as "Man of the Year by the Chicano Association in Los Angeles, California and as President of the Mexico-US Friendship Committee.


Juan Ernesto has assisted the President of Security Corner in Mexico from 2008 to date accomplish many altruistic goals. Among these, do what will be necessary to make justice in the case involving Mr.José Esparza, a United Airlines employee with dual citizenship, who to date has been ignored both by the US and Mexican Governments.


From October 4, 2010 to date Lic. Juan Ernesto Madera Prieto works as President Attache of the Binational Migrants' Association.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Military Affairs Advisor & Intelligence Analyst on Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations



NEW VIDEO!  LIVE FOX NEWS: Sylvia  Longmire on Geraldo at Large


Sylvia Longmire is an editorial contributor with Security Corner in Mexico. Sylvia is a [medically] retired Air Force captain and former Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. During her eight years with AFOSI, Sylvia conducted numerous criminal investigations and worked extensively in the fields of counterintelligence, counterespionage, and force protection. During her last assignment, Sylvia worked as the Latin America desk officer, analyzing issues in the US Southern Command area of responsibilty that might affect the security of deployed Air Force personnel. From Dec 2005-Jul 2009, Sylvia worked as an intelligence analyst for the California state fusion center and CalEMA's Situational Awareness Unit, focusing almost exclusively on Mexican drug trafficking organizations and southwest border violence issues. For the last five years, she has regularly lectured on terrorism in Latin America at the Air Force Special Operations School's Dynamics of International Terrorism course. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of South Florida in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, with a focus on the Cuban and Guatemalan revolutions.


Sylvia and her husband co-wrote an article titled "Redefining Terrorism: Why Mexican Drug Cartels are More than Just Organized Crime," which was published in Henley-Putnam University's inaugural issue of The Journal of Strategic Security. She also recently wrote an article titled "Al Capone's Lessons for Today's Cartels," which was featured on the cover of Homeland Security Today magazine's December 2009 issue, and has been a guest on the Bill Handel syndicated talk radio show. Sylvia is currently an independent consultant and freelance writer, and contributes regularly to Examiner.com and www.MexiData.info.


Sylvia has her own website: Mexico's Drug War, in summary, an ongoing analysis of southwest border violence issues by an experienced intelligence professional. She is available for public speaking engagements and interviews. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Security Corner in Mexico's Foreign Relations Adviser




Academic Web



IMPORTANT: Opinions and articles by Counselor Mendez Lugo published in SecurityCornerMexico or any other news website do not represent an official point of view or views of the Mexican government.


Bernardo Méndez Lugo, our Expert in International Relations. In addition, executive director of the promigrant  AmericaSinMuros, a foundation based in Mexico City. Independent consultant on international migration issues, Mexico, US and Canada relations, international trade negotiations. Retired Minister of the Mexican Foreign Service.  

Has a degree in International Relations from UNAM, a postgraduate degree in Economic and Social planning at SGPIS institution at the time, one of the most prestigious Polish organizations in planning issues. Masters in Development Studies from the University of Sussex, UK.  

Founding professor of the UAM-Xochimilco in CdMx where he worked for 20 years.  

Career diplomat, retired as Minister of the Mexican Foreign Service (SRE) in March 2017. Bernardo was accepted as a Diplomat through public competition in September 1990.  

Was the Press Consul in Montreal and in Atlanta, liaison with CNN-base in Atlanta, Consul for Press and Commerce in San Francisco, CA and Alternate Consul in Tucson, Counselor for Economic Affairs and Press at the Embassy of México in El Salvador.  

Returned to Mexico in 2012 to join the General Directorate of Social Communication of the Foreign Ministry and later the Matías Romero Institute, the official academic institution where Mexican Diplomats are formed, educated.  

As a final assignment, Bernardo served at the Consulate of Mexico in Chicago from December 2013 to November 2016 where he worked as Coordinator Consul for Documentation and Cultural Attaché.  

Has represented Mexico at UNIDO, UN and OECD meetings. Consultant for the World Bank and PAHO-WHO in Washington, DC. Lecturer on Economic Issues, SMEs, NAFTA, International Academic Mobility and International Migration.  

Has co-authored a dozen books on educational, immigration, bilateral relations with the US and Canada, among others. Radio and television commentator on international and North American issues.  


Skype: bernardito.mendez twitter@berniemendez. PERSONAL E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


María Guadalupe Salazar Mondragón (Dalu Salazar)
BA in Journalism and Communications at UAM-Xochimilco Mexico City, works reporting the areas of art, culture, economics, human rights, ecology and migration, as well as writing and proofreading in business and organizational communication. She is part of the volunteer network of the pro-migrant foundation Americasinmuros in Mexico City.




Lic. Jorge Dzib Sotelo, Security Corner in Mexico's Lawyer


Attorney at law, De Lure Consorcio Jurídico, ample experience in the following areas: administrative, labor, criminal, immigration and corporate. First consultation, no charge. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. CEL 5533989484


President, Cycling For All


Our objective is to ride bicycles SAFELY. We are looking for supporters to spread the word of the need to build bicycle paths. We promote the use of proper road signs and that everyone obey traffic laws. These roads -ciclopistas- must be built at a distance not less than a meter and a half from the main road. It is of the utmost importance cyclists do not ride next to cars. Then, when car drivers pass cyclists, this not be at more than 30 kms. an hour. More information, HERE



Security Corner in Mexico's Photographer


maestro daniel

Maestro Daniel Guadalupe Ballinas Mina


A Chiapas State native, attended school and later served as Professor in Centro Universitario México (CUM) during three years. Worked for De América, Perdón magazines. Has assisted Don Gregorio Ortega, then owner of these popular magazines. Has served as photographer for plastic artists such as Nora Beteta, Johanna Morrell, also for Colegio de Arquitectos, Restaurante Floresta. To date works for the Mexico City Hospital Español in their social events. His cellular no. is 04455-4045-2382





Over the course of our 8 years we have joined forces with several organizations committed to keeping the international community informed about what’s new inMexico, with the idea of promoting our country as an ideal place for investments and tourism.



Fabiola Fernández Guerra, Director General of Creativos 11.11, represents an agency specialized in Public Policy Communication.  Creativos 11.11 is a company that offers media products with a social change focus. It has been contracted by Security Corner to present our institutional image, which for us is the Culture of Prevention and Safe Travel, through our site.



Solutions Abroad



Mr. Agustín Barrios Gómez is the President of www.SolutionsAbroad.com, established in 2000. Originally from the D. F., he has spent much of his life abroad, because his father was an ambassador for Mexico. He grew up in Canada, Switzerland and the USA, and is a graduate of Georgetown University. He worked for Procter & Gamble and served as Advisor to the Secretary of Public Security of the D. F. He has a master´s degree from University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain, in the future of North American integration. Working independently, SolutionsAbroad has helped Security Corner from its beginning. According to Google, our security page is the most viewed such page in Mexico.





Daily administrative responsibility for Solutions Abroad is the task of Mr. Alan Skinner, cousin of Agustín. You could say that Alan is symbolically a citizen of the North American Free Trade Agreement, as a product of his upbringing and professional training. Born in the U.S., he grew up in Canada and was educated in Business Administration at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico. Alan has extensive experience in multinational companies, and is an expert in marketing, finance,and international trade. He speaks English and French and is the CEO of SolutionsAbroad.com.



In May 2007 Security Corner in Mexico united forces with the owners of Insidemex.com, the English Speaker's Guide to Life in Mexico.


Aran and Margot Shetterly are the owners of the English-speakers Guide to Life in Mexico in Insidemex.com. They are pillars in the success of making our programs available to the public, having published Security Corner articles from April 2007 to the present. According to Latina Lista magazine, Margot Lee Shetterly had 4 great loves before she met Aran - business, writing, traveling and learning languages. Aran shares the same loves. From its launch in 2006, the magazine Insidemex was distributed in a printed version as a means of reaching broad national market, with 60,000 copies monthly. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of .pdf copies have been downloaded from their site. From the initiation of their printed version, they have been a platform for the English-speaking public. As of January 2009 Insidemex.com was launched in its digital form, Version 2.0, in an ambitious project that converted it into an incomparable virtual example.

Spring 2009 Issue: PAGES 24 & 26 Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit & Los Cabos



Lic. Jhovanee Monge de Rottigni is the owner of Homesliving.com, who during last the 8 years has published this luxurious magazine, covering the areas of Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, and the Cabos.The magazine specializes in the subjects of real estate and tourism in these areas that have a large and growing presence of foreigners. From mid-2008 Homesliving.com began to publish our articles. There are two online, one on Residential Security and another one on Natural Disasters.

Click on above diploma to make it readable- Additional information, HERE. Thanks to Jhovanée, who was President of the Committee of COPARMEX, we were invited to a well-run conference in Vallarta that received ample coverage in the local media.


Protocolo-Foreign Affairs & Lifestyle is a magazine founded and directed by Wendy Coss y León, which has been published for 8 uninterrupted years. It is distributed in a quantity of 25.000 copies, certified by Lloyd International. You can buy it or order it in Sanborns stores. Protocolo-Foreign Affairs & Lifestyle is a specialized quarterly magazine covering the subjects of business, foreign trade, and diplomacy. It is distributed on a national level in embassies, offices of foreign trade, airports, restaurants, hotels, private firms, governmental institutions, and universities.Their Special Editions are designed to impart (through interviews with Ambassadors, Governors, and high level officials) the important work in the economic, cultural, social, and political life of each nation and/or organization, to achieve greater identification among its citizens, as well as attracting new investment and disseminating information about projects of interest.


In January 2009 Protocolo.com .mx virtually has available two previously-unpublished articles online under the titles of Security and Protocol in Presidential Visits andTaxis: Travel Safely, whose author is Mr. Mario González-Roman. Soon it will have a new one in its upcoming edition, Kidnapping and the North American Free Trade Agreement, already online.




Mr. Mario González-Roman is


- Member of the Round Table Group of Washington, D. C.
- Member of the Gerson Lehrman Group of New York


Both organizations are formed by experts with diverse areas of specialty, among whom are included former presidents, ambassadors, and personages in public life and private industry around the world. The number of Mexicans that have been invited is small. Both organizations serve as forums for international discussions on a great variety of current subjects.





On September 11, 2006, as a result of the massive protests calling presidential election fraud and the taking of the streets of Paseo de la Reforma by supporters of Lic. Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, and having a critical and constructive position to the one offered by the U. S. Department of State, to date, one of the most prestigious newspapers of the world recommends Security Corner in Mexico.


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Experts' Safety Tips and Q&A Advisory

Above links are in the Washington Post's Travel Sections, International Destinations.



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OUR READERS: The Most Important Collaborators
The most important credit that our articles have is that they are edited in English, the great majority by foreign residents that have adopted to Mexico as a new home.Among these there are ex-members of the foreign service, housewives, corporate executives, students, teachers, and tourists. Normally they do this spontaneously and they usually ask for anonymity, because they are in disagreement with the negative image of Mexico that is sometimes promoted abroad. We consider these volunteers to be an essential part of the program of Security Corner in Mexico.


With 43 years of experience in 2015 under our belt, and with a rich set of ingredients, our philosophy is based in a simple fact: It is much more practical to offer programs aimed at Prevention than to concentrate on solving problems after they have happened. Thus, we have described the best way use public transportation, to find a taxi, to select a place to live, to travel by highway.


Our program includes a broad range of opinions, including especially the opinions of our readers, which we respect especially. At the end of the day, it is our readers who decide what opinions to accept, in accordance with their own ideals, their family, their corporate interests. We know that Mexico, like many other countries, suffers serious indications of corruption. Because we offer online the professional background of Mr. Mario González-Roman, our readers feel confident in writing and casting their vote for achieving the best possible communication with our authorities.


We serve as bridge of communication for the better understanding between our readers and our public servants.We believe that the solution to the serious problems of Public Security begins at home. We want to convince those who believe in us that basic education and family values are the most powerful weapons that we have in Mexico. The success of our schoolteachers, police, and members of the Armed Forces in the work that society has entrusted to them-- with the rickety budgets they have in these complicated times for the world economy -- all depends on the upbringing that we give our children.We call on business leaders and people of good will to draw attention to a strategy of relevant work that can impact the National Agenda.





In 2010, it has been 8 years since we initiated this project. It was an experiment. Today we know for sure, without fear of equivocation, that it works and we offer it for your consideration.Without being rich, I have spent out of my pocket, with pleasure, more than $ 200,000 U.S. in acquiring computer and communications equipment, payment of services for obtaining information, and travel inside and outside the Mexican Republic. I believe that we have arrived at the moment at which we work together to build something that will be lasting and will bring concrete results.




We feel that the wide distribution of the Programs of Security Corner is a gold mine, ready to be exploited. In fact, the National Travel Association of the US is analyzing this same proposal and if it is accepted, it will be a great success for the National Agenda. Nevertheless, we are Mexicans proud of our country and we have the confidence that visionary business leaders - without regard to their nationality – who are committed to Mexico and to the promotion of truth, to improve understanding, will back us and invest in this project.

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What we propose is that, in coordination with the Federal and Mexico  City Governments we have continued cooperation to develop specific strategies for widespread diffusion of the Culture of Safe Travel and Prevention, using the content of the Security Corner website, developing combined plans involving foreign investment for our compatible groups, for audio-visual programs in English aimed at the International Community.


In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to obtain the attention of Mexico's business leaders with the support of the administrations of the Federal Government and the Mexico City, as well as, looking forward, state governments. Photo by Destinos Turìsticos






In fact, the President of the Republic and Head of Government - and looking ahead, state governments -- would be the first beneficiaries of improving their institutional image with programs that have been proven to work. That is, nobody loses. Everybody wins – especially the citizenry hurt by failed and mistaken public security policies. Photo by Toni Bosch




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We seek the attention of the owners of MEDIA companies for the production of videos, MASSIVE programs that can showcase the Culture of Safe Travel and Prevention in a way that is versatile and even entertaining. Go to our ENGLISH page and try our videos.


NEWS! - Versatile, Dynamic, Intelligent Information


For years Mexico has been subject to expensive campaigns abroad that persist in affecting our image as a country. The News! Section of our site represents something like what we called, in my work in the American Embassy and later in the UN, an Executive Summary - Security Briefing- for the attention of the Head of Security and other high officials. Now it is freely available to our visitors. It is necessary to recognize that we have high levels of poverty and increasing problems of unemployment. These generate delinquency, which is better organized every day. Also we must recognize that thanks to the countries of the so-called First World, Mexico is entangled in a violent war against organized crime that costs the lives of innumerable young men and women, members of the Armed Forces and of the police authorities, and jeopardizing the ideals of a safe country.


To accuse or to identify Mexico as a world champion in corruption is valid, nevertheless we see in the NEWS! Section that we are not alone in this world-wide problem. We must always see first to our own national interests before any imposed on us by foreign governments.


In all these programs, we would use the global vision that unfortunately we often lack in Mexico. The idea is to begin by acknowledging the serious problems of unemployment, poverty, and lack of efficiency of our authorities that do what they can with problems inherited from previous governments, but also simultaneously to document with reliable facts that we are not unique in these problems. These problems, including CORRUPTION, are common in nations called First World countries. Their governments magnify our reality to harm our image, to benefit the tourism industry, the businesses beginning from September 11, 2001.



Mexico City by Don Humphrey - Turn your sound volume up


Current case Security Corner in Mexico is actively working on: Mexicans are fleeing their country due to the drug-related violence (VIDEO)